My name is Daniel Sørensen

Code Wars

In March 2017 my school entered 3 teams into an annual programming competition run by HP Enterprise called Code Wars.

It involves schools from all around Newcastle and the North East coming together and completing as many programming challenges as they can in 3 hours.

I'm delighted to say that my team won.

A picture of my team winning code wars
My team and I winning code wars (I'm the one with the trophy)

Summer Showcase of Talent 2017

Each year my high school would do an end of year concert called the Summer Showcase of Talent where students would have a chance to show the other students and parents some of the music they've been doing that year

On Jully 12th 2017 I had the privilege of being able to perform one of my Grade 7 pieces, which was one of my overall highlights of my time at high school

DEVIENNE: Sonata in B flat, Op. 70 No. 1: 2nd Movement, Adagio